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Toll Free #1(800) 587-9992

Jacksonville Only:  $10.00

Eastern Seaboard:  $15.00

Statewide Service:  $20.00


Alpha-Numeric:  $5.00 extra



Selecting your service is as important as selecting your pager. You want to choose the plan that best suits your needs. With over 125 towers in North Carolina alone, and more being built, our coverage leaves few dead zones to insure you get your page.   Click on an area below to see a coverage map.


  Jacksonville Only

Our Jacksonville coverage extends from one tower that has a 20 mile radius. That gives a circular coverage with a 40 mile diameter. Hubert, Richlands, and Surf City are all inside the coverage area.


  Eastern North Carolina

Our Eastern North Carolina coverage spans up and down the entire southeastern coast of North Carolina. This extensive coverage only runs $15 a month.



Our North Carolina coverage encompasses the entire state minus a few dead zones.  Check out our map to see the coverage area.



Add-on used with certain pagers.  Contact Page21 for further details.


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